Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Am I back, or am I back?

I haven't been here in ages, honestly I'm still surprised i was able to log into the account lol. It's good to be back. I really have missed this space, it was and I'm sure still is fun and interesting. A great platform to release all the complicated feelings,thoughts and stories dancing inside my head. Oh yes it's good to be back!

My last post was in 2014, and oh my so much has changed, I'm an old lady now (wink!) lawyer, 30, married, 23 month old daughter and yes i finally relocated to the States (me too i dey come ice my body search for my American dream walahi talahi!)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wicked love

I watched the movie “ wicked love” with my cousin and her friend. It was about a man who broke off his engagement with his girlfriend of ten years for another woman. Although she cried her eyes and heart out, she accepted the break up against her mother’s advice to fight to keep her man. She had resolved that, if indeed he had been her’s to keep; she wouldn’t have to fight to keep him.

This sparked a discussion on the whole concept of fighting to keep your man. Should a woman fight for a man who no longer wants to be with her?

One may argue that depending on the circumstances, a girl may have to consider rolling her sleeves and taking a stance for a show down. Though I am no expert, I have been around long enough to learn that; if a man doesn’t love you, he doesn’t love you. You have no business keeping him at your side against his will.

Be smart enough to hold on and brave enough to walk away, you may never get over it, but you will get to the point where it doesn’t bother you as much.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Mechanic= Heart Attack

So I finally got around to fixing Daisy’s air condition. I just couldn’t bear sitting in the traffic and sweating in my suit anymore. The list of parts to buy cost both breast and arms _ sobbing

The Mechanic, whom my father had introduced to me, had had Daisy since Saturday morning and promised to bring her back Sunday latest by 5:30 pm. He had practically dismantled the entire dashboard, and i didn’t want to rush him, so I just kept my cool.


6:00pm_ Madam I finish the work ooo, na I dey test the car see say everything make correct. Madam please I wan to go home go bath small, den take the car come.

(Adenta to Reece Junction, is not that far, so I foolishly said ok)

7:00pm_ Madam, please I dey come ooo, I jus dey chop small n)) I go bring am

(Boss I need my car for work tomorrow)

Oh madam I will bring it, please make you no worry, I for test the car and make sure say everything well, well. You go be happy, the job I do, your AC no go spoil again

7:45pm_ Madam please, my momi just come here, we dey do small meeting, I go take the car come very soon_ dude passes phone to supposed mother_ (lady on phone speaking in twi_ “my daughter please he will bring it ok we are having a small meeting”)

8: 20pm _ NO CALL NO SHOW
(My father calls _ has the mechanic brought your car? _ no daddy_ Ok let me call him.
A few minutes later he sends a text, about dude having some meeting, and that I should relax he will bring it.

9: 30pm_ NO CALL NO SHOW_ At this point, my blood is boiling, steam ankasa dey come out for my ears inside


10:10pm_ I call him with my other line and he picks up.

(Boss is the meeting over, please I need my car for work tomorrow, I leave home very early in the morning, if you cannot bring it, make you show me where you dey, I go come carry my thing)

Oh Madam, I will bring it at dawn, early, early tomorrow, you no I get plenty customers for your area.

(Eeeeiiiii boss please! Since 5pm, you no bring am, ebi dawn ti, you go wake up bring am. Please make you show me where you dey, me naa go come carry my thing go _

Oh madam, you know I have to test the car.......... blah blah blah so so jazz this man dey jazz for my ears... ok madam since you dey force me, make I come, I dey come, I for go dress come. _ LINE GOES DEAD.

(FORCING? He is now going to get dressed and come, wasn’t this the same person who was supposedly at a meeting? Why he went to the meeting naked???... At this point I’m half cooked)

As if on cue, my father calls to ask, if he has brought Daisy back, because he just called dude’s phone and the phone is off. _ HUH? _ I just spoke to him I say.

10:25pm_ So I call this man up, and YES indeed his phone is switched OFF!

3: 58 AM_ He calls to tell me, he is at the parking lot.

As I quietly collect my keys, I think to myself, this man has forgotten we are yet to settle his workmanship. _ HE NO KNOW SAY NA SERIOUS DIEMENT HE DIE

Boss please my father go come by your shop later in the morning...

Friday, September 27, 2013

Green Hill

Lets go to that place where we love so much, footloose and carefree. Where you and I are strangers without the worry of recognition. The place where we flirt audaciously in the streets and steal kisses in the light of day. Lets go this very moment

Monday, July 8, 2013

Should have...

When you can't undo what has been done,or unsay what has been said. Take back, what once belonged to you, or fix that which you have broken, what do you do?

Thursday, May 9, 2013


I see no bars, nor am i in handcuffs. There is no jailer, nor have i been sentenced. I can no longer act on impulse, nor indulge in wishful desires, I am no longer a child, i have no excuse. There's only the harsh reality, which leaves me wanting... still wanting you.

Friday, April 19, 2013


I can’t wait for us to find that comfortable space again. Easy laughs filled with playfulness. Of all the things I miss, I miss the sound of your laughter.