Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bush Rat

I catch the 6 train from Parkchester to Pelham Parkway, the orientation is at nine and I can’t afford to miss it.

Here I am sitting across this really cute African-American, my eyes do a quick run down, and for ma mind I dey say “ charley…., see fine boy”.
I’m adjusting my sitting position_ so as not to be caught staring, ready to appreciate and evaluate him lucidly.

It starts slowly, and finally takes form, a “D” underlined with red pen appears on my forehead. When did men start getting pregnant or start having the uncontrollable edge spit? Fine boy must be with child, because I can’t begin to comprehend why?
Not once not twice, not even thrice, this guy is spitting on the floor in the train!

What the hell? I’m biting on my tongue to stop the words from coming out.
Seriously no passenger on a “troski” in GH would do such a thing.

I’m so disgusted, my skin begins to crawl_ it’s not my nature to come off as rude, but I cant take this, so I get up and move to the other end.

Certain acts are natural and cannot be helped, but…