Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cup sizes

So she’s going on and on about how her boobs are too big, and she wants a reduction.
Now I can clearly see my jaw on the floor _ thank God there’s no house fly in sight.
I catch my self staring at my chest, my brain is screaming “we can exchange if you like”.

Naturally we are now talking about Breastina Naa Fufor Bobbison, and she tells me the funniest thing about cup sizes.
I wonder where she gets all this “gist” from?
Apparently the A’s n B’s for bra size are not just for decoration, they’re actually for description;

A_ almost boob

B_ barely boob

C_ can’t complain

D_ dang

DD_ double dang

E_ enormous

F_ fake

G_ get reduction

H_ help me I have fallen and can’t get up

Hehehe…………………., but seriously how do I get extra? Silicon is not an option , perhaps the touchy option, lol!

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  1. u know i'll always suggest the touchy option...hehehehe