Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cutest thing ever

I was sitting in the park, with my eyes closed soaking in the sun and listening to the wonders of nature, the birds chirping in the trees, the sound of the wind and the laughter of children playing_ I need to get me one of those lol!

Better open your eyes a small voice says, before you fall asleep and sway on to the floor. The breeze could put any stubborn baby to sleep.
Sitting across the bench PDA’ing_ public display of affection, was this old couple. Old as in the term “ abrewa posoposo”.

They held hands and whispered to themselves_ wish I knew what was so funny, cos they kept laughing like teenage lovers. The only difference being, young lovers only come out at night to play_ admit it.

They must have seen the awe on my face, cos they chatted me up. They told me, they’ve been married for fifty-nine years, had eight grandchildren, and that she ( old lady) was three years older than her husband. I was pretty amazed.

They stared into each other eyes and smiled. Wow! I hope at their age I will still be this much in love_ I sure do hope this doesn’t only happen with white people, hehehee

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