Thursday, July 23, 2009

My mother

So here I am typing away, I can tell she’s getting irritated with my luck of attention towards her. Finally she blurbs out “ I didn’t pay for your ticket to watch you sit silent, lets talk”.
This is the same lady who is busy drinking soup and chewing bones oh!

A grin cuts across my face_ the little details, why I love this woman so. Fine I say, what do you want to talk about?

She goes on to ask all these long and tall questions about my “personal” life, auntie Mercy does not have the word personal enshrined in her vocabulary.
But honestly, it’s always been easy to talk to her, she’s like a big nosy sister. So here I am “bossing’ her_ that’s what she calls it, about all the funny stuff that went down during the semester. She’s laughing, then all of a sudden she’s choking.

I quickly run to the kitchen to go get her some water, I can still hear her coughing so I’m rushing to her side with the glass. I get there only to find my mum passed out and hanging over her chair_ this woman has collapsed!

Funny enough my first reaction is “ mummy wake, stop faking, you have not collapse”.
I see a smile tagging at her lips untill she finally bursts into laughter now we are both laughing so hard she starts to tear up.

Must confess I love this woman.

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