Friday, July 31, 2009

Once bitten, twice shy

A man who lived all his life in a remote village, away from the technological wonders the city finally decided to pay a visit to his childhood friend, whom seven years ago relocated to the city.

With his friend's address neatly folded in his pocket, he makes the long journey. First on foot to the adjacent village, to catch a ride on the truck which transports produce to the big city.

The driver lets him off at a rail station to continue the journey. There, for the very first time he sees train tracks. Buffled at the sight, and wondering where the winding trail leads to, he descends to trace it.

Loud rumbling sounds approach, the engine train signals it's descent "cho cho" it whistles. What is this? He wonders aloud.
The train verges forth, yet he stands at the edge of the rail in awe, wanting an up-close and personal look at the approaching beast.


He later comes round, to find both lower limps casted in the plaster of paris ( P.O.P), his childhood friend sitting by his bed side.

Well and discharged, he can at last fufill the purpose for which he came.

His eyes take on a life of it's own as it veers into multiple directions at a time. Soaking in all the wonderful gadgets it has been denied life long.

I'll make us some tea says the friend, and off into the kicten he goes to light a kettle.

Now a tour of the kitchen.
Again, he feeds his eyes on all the household appliances. From the fridge to the microwave, rice cooker, blender toaster etc..

"Cho cho" the kettle blows, the water is ready, on instinct he grabs the rolling pin and smashes into the object generating the sound " wam, wam, wam...."

What do you think you are doing? The friend shouts.

He replies " mennn...... you need to kill these things when they are young"


  1. Lol, heard this before. That you manage to recreate it on the page is admirable. You skilled raconteur!

  2. Yes Nana Yaw i recount telling it to you :-) Glad it still made you laugh.

  3. Lmao!That was a gud one.