Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I was down at the grocery store picking up a six pack beer for my uncle, ice cream for me. I’m getting ready to hand over my “benjamins” and get going. when the lady at the cash register says “ID” _ now I’m standing there with this stupid look on my face, jaw hanging and all, wondering “ what the hell, do I look eighteen”.

As if I didn’t hear her the first time, she repeats “ I need to see an ID”
Proof I’m 21 or above_ apparently my mustache wasn’t doing the trick.
Who carries an ID to the grocery 3minutes walk away?


Never knew I had the words party girl stamped on my forehead, but when leaving the shoe store the girl at the cash register handed me an invitation to come chill_ I know right, what is it with me and the ladies at the cash register?

On the 6 by 4 inch card, written in bold gold ( font size 72 lol!) were the words “ Eighteen to party- Twenty-one to drink.
Geez……………..! So what happens to all those seventeen and below, not to talk about twenty-two’s and above_ hehehe……. yeah right!

But seriously, if more people took the time to implement such requirements, we wouldn’t have to worry about teenagers abusing alcohol.

And yes! I’m of legal drinking age ( as if that is a good thing :-) )

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