Thursday, August 6, 2009


I caught a line in this movie, I can't seem to shake off. It keeps replaying in my mind, hours after the film has ended. It said “the only man worth flaunting, is the one who puts a ring on your finger“.

Obviously that means your husband, to whom you owe “wifey” duties.
Oh which by the way, I heard the break down in another movie (yes I love watching movies) to mean the following:
W for washing
I for ironing
F for f***ing (don’t act like you don’t know) and
E for extra, extra, etc. _WIFE

My fellow ladies we need to go find that genius and strangle him. What happened to bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh?
Back to the original line of thought……

Mister boyfriend demands that, not only do you love and respect him, make time and spend time with him. Listen to him go on and on about things which on a normal day, you really don’t give two hoots about.
Laugh at all his jokes, including the dry ones. Call and text him, and acknowledge him for the whole world to see, plus perform “wifey" duties which you have no business in doing so.
Forgetting that this man is not your husband, he can walk out any day, any time. any how.

Hmmmm….. so where am I going with this?
I have no idea.

Perhaps I also need to break down the meaning behind the word husband (h- hover, u- using hehehe………..)

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