Tuesday, August 18, 2009


So you treat me like one of your boys, snapping fingers and all

Shoulders touching and back patting. I’m babe can’t you see?

I long to hear you say a simple hello, but once again “charley u dey”

So i touched up, just before you came. “ You look different” was my compliment

Even when he said I was cute, you gave a quick rundown and said “ oh yeah”

Being you friend is too difficult, why can’t you look at me that way?

Here you are flirting and whispering into her ear, she laughing fluttering her lashes

I look on with my bleeding heart, wondering if the joke is on me

But she has not a clue, what makes you laugh

I do.


  1. I have a friend whom all her love-interests tend to view as a boy or at least one of their pals... She is so sad and it hurts me too.
    Could it be that like her this person delves straight into guy talk when she makes new friends?

  2. unrequited love.. the most painful of all loves...sigh

  3. Oww.. so sad, loving someone, and having to watch him love another. If being friends is too difficult then perhaps she's better of without his friendship.
    Better yet she can man up, or should i say woman up and let him know how she feels.