Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Lets face it, we can’t emit aromatic scents 24/7. Our weather condition alone would not allow it, unless of course you live in an air conditioned apartment, walk a few meters to your air conditioned car, straight to you freezing office, chilling throughout the day.
Perhaps then, we can be assume the “Issey miyake” fragrance you used in the morning has not been diluted by too much sweat.

Since I can’t boast of chilling all day, especially in my current state of “legedis benz” scorching under the sun which happens to burn like hot coals this time of the season ,and public transport is that which comes to my rescue, “nunu scent, na me I jus dey smell”.

But if ever I was under the delusion that, people sitting in air conditioned vehicles happen to smell better, I have been jolted from my slumber.

On board state transport, Accra to Kumasi, we were about fifteen people whereas it caters close to fifty. The bus was pratically empty, so I had both seats all to myself, my ear phones plugged in my ears, eyes closed, relaxing and soaking the chilling breeze_ the last time, the air condition broke down, I was almost cooked by the time we got to Kumasi.

I was nudged awake by a young lady, probably in her teens, as she vacated my handbag, to make room for her buttocks. The bus had come to a stop at Nkawkaw, and half a dozen people were now on board_ for ma mind inside, I jus dey wonder why she dey tap ma bodi, when close to twenty seats make empty ( so me naa…I start dey bore)

The vehicle was yet to move, when I “saw” her "BO" in a smoky figure hovering over me, choking and suffocating me. The smell was so bad that it had taken shape_ I no go fit open the window sef make fresh air enter.

Polite ooo…, no be polite ooo… I grabbed my bag and escaped to the rear end of the bus.

What happened to Mr. personal hygiene?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Knock you down

Shh… he likes one of my roomies, constantly displaying a variety of tactics to woo her_ we on the other hand are benefiting like crazy, sinking our teeth in to bars of chocolate, swallowing ice cream like snakes, as for B-foster bread, ye fa nu kwa_ wait,does he own a bakery?
Babes are seriously enjoying the fruit of his labour, whiles minding our own business ooo….
To each his own, after all love comes in different forms.

I reckon, we all have a story to tell on board the ship; “how I met your mother“.

As the saying goes, there are many ways in killing a cat.
I conducted a little research among my friends,each recounted how they met that significant or not soo.. significant other, emphasis on the wooing process.

We came up with the following categories:

Scholarship_ this is when, lady luck is on your side. Your buddy went in for the game, but the meat, would rather have you take the shot.

Study mates_ I don’t understand, can you please help me out. Professor rat poison on the move.

Main squeeze_ those who like to splash, today frankies, tomorrow Chinese, Jackie Chan, then Jet Lee.

Family and friends_ innocent beginnings graduates to midnight phone calls and all day text messages. Is your brother at home?

Mummy and daddy_ playfully referring to each other as husbands and wives, sons and daughters. Hmm... extended family system.

Killers_ those who go in for the kill,they don't play about the bush. In their HAMMER shoes,they knock you off your feet.

So where does Mr. B- foster fall?………

Monday, September 14, 2009

Me time

It is only that I need time to reflect

Do some soul searching, about where my life is heading

So about the late nights I keep; i have a lot of work to do

As for the phone, I keep it off; distractions, distractions

It’s not that, I’m being distant, I just need some me time_ hmm… ME time?

Friday, September 4, 2009


Should have told you how beautiful you are
How my blood boils at your sight
And whenever you smile, I feel so safe.

Should have told you, how “hott” you look in that dress
How my fingers burn to rip it off
You sway and tease, but you wore it, just for me.

Should have told you, how I drown each time I stare into your eyes
I swear, they see right through to my soul
And it burns, it burns, it burns your name.

Tonight, I hold you close
To whisper those words, that should be spoken
To soothe your ego, just as you do mine.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


The one who holds the power in any relationship, is the one who cares less_ so I heard
Could this be true? Acting like a complete jerk towards your partner gives you power?
Seriously what is the logic behind such reasoning?

Devising tactics and playing games. Giving the cold shoulder attitude.
It takes two to tango, yet you dance alone
So a taste of your own medicine you get, drink the poison which you force down this throat.
And if you think you are the jerk, say hello to the biggest jerk in town.
Here’s a double dose, of the crap you offer.
Who has the power now?

Lesson: Don’t turn your partner into a monster. Remember it’s all about love and respect. What you give is what you get.