Friday, September 4, 2009


Should have told you how beautiful you are
How my blood boils at your sight
And whenever you smile, I feel so safe.

Should have told you, how “hott” you look in that dress
How my fingers burn to rip it off
You sway and tease, but you wore it, just for me.

Should have told you, how I drown each time I stare into your eyes
I swear, they see right through to my soul
And it burns, it burns, it burns your name.

Tonight, I hold you close
To whisper those words, that should be spoken
To soothe your ego, just as you do mine.


  1. eish which man is ronning you like that.. chale make wild!

  2. sister...please please you shouldn't slack koraa oh... if you want to hear them, you can leave hints...

  3. I agree,wit Abby, make u no slack koraa oooo

  4. Lol,Abena lets term it all the things i'll love to hear.

  5. sounds more like what i should be telling you!

    ok. i've learnt. i'd do you right!


    sweet! especially the ripping off of the dress....very lion-sweet!

  6. Aha! i guess the post is working Abby, Novisi plans to do right by me :-)

    Ladies, i won't slack.

  7. finally. you see... hahaha. hahaha. i told you not to slack.. see me for more tips ;-)