Saturday, October 31, 2009

Want & Need

You no for ask me, if I ‘want’…

Sake off you jus dey bore

I talk you what I dey ‘need’, longest

That one sef, you no do give me

Ryders, you dey pop ma face

Wey you wan biz me, if I ‘want… (if I want what?)

You no give me the ‘tin’ wey I ‘need’ sef

How you go fit handle my ‘want’ list_ wey long pass the queue for Tetteh Mami

This small one sef, you no fit!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Oliver Twist

They crawled under the sheets, their last night together, tired and worn out.
Her muscles ached, and the urge to give into the sand master was crushing.

Tomorrow she would leave, tonight was her last chance.
Her side, she laid torn between sleep and pleasure.

Sleep or feigned, she knew not. Yet his body snaked against her bosom and the fresh scent of soap lingered.

Eyes, but closed, senses awakened.
“Tisk, tisk” the second hand ticked, the morning inched closer, a choice unmade.

Sleepwalker bunged further, perhaps he too was torn between the two.

Then her hands came alive, and slowly her lips trace his silhouette, gradually the dance fledge

Locked and winded, he asked “do you want more?”

Oliver would have been delighted

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Love me deeply
So deep, that its infinite pit is unplumbed

Love me slowly
So slow, that time freezes and seconds run as minutes

Love me truly
So true, that my heart never beats a doubt

Lovely me clearly
So clear, that it reflects the image of love

Love me passionately
So passionate, it burns to my soul

Love me timelessly
So timeless, that forever you remain mine

Love me
Love me alone.