Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Love me deeply
So deep, that its infinite pit is unplumbed

Love me slowly
So slow, that time freezes and seconds run as minutes

Love me truly
So true, that my heart never beats a doubt

Lovely me clearly
So clear, that it reflects the image of love

Love me passionately
So passionate, it burns to my soul

Love me timelessly
So timeless, that forever you remain mine

Love me
Love me alone.


  1. Nice one, Lucci, simple without any conflicts. Loves it. For a moment, I was thinking that the last couplet "Love me/ Love me alone" was really not needed after the foregoing couplets which are so lyrically written. Then, I thought about it again, and realized that it is possible for person to love another that other alone without the love ever getting deep, passionate, clear, timeless, etc. Good work.

  2. Thanks Nana Yaw, the last couplet was really for emphasis, the persona does not only ask to be loved in the various ways mentioned above, but also that it be directed to he or she, wit exception to all others.

  3. Thanks again Maame. I'm making my demands,lets hope ' mister' takes a cue. Wink!

  4. Thanks Tye, welcome to my blog, do quick around :-)

  5. I wrote a same title poem which I will put up on my blog soon. Yours is so smooth and clear. Nice one.

  6. Thanks Myne, i'd love to read your's, perhaps our expectations of are intune. Welcome.