Saturday, October 31, 2009

Want & Need

You no for ask me, if I ‘want’…

Sake off you jus dey bore

I talk you what I dey ‘need’, longest

That one sef, you no do give me

Ryders, you dey pop ma face

Wey you wan biz me, if I ‘want… (if I want what?)

You no give me the ‘tin’ wey I ‘need’ sef

How you go fit handle my ‘want’ list_ wey long pass the queue for Tetteh Mami

This small one sef, you no fit!


  1. LOL, writing in pidgin or broken as we say in Nigeria is still very hard for me. But you pulled this off well.

    If they cannot handle your needs then how can they think to satisfy your wants? Good one.

  2. Indeed that was a good one. Untill necessities are provided, wants must take a back seat.

  3. i'm happy you like my fake broken pidgin hehehe.. Myne, next time it will be right on point.