Saturday, November 21, 2009

Love & Fart

(Exams are right in the corner, instead of sitting on my bum and reading, I opted to watch one of the new movies I had recently loaded on to sugar; sugar is the name of my lap top. Instead of advising me to get back to my books, boo wished me luck, said he was sure I’d make an A in the movie paper. What can I say, “All work and no play, makes lucci a dull girl”.
I did learn something I’ll like to share, and the more I think about it the more it, the more it makes sense to me. I hope you find it useful, lol)

Relationships are said to be best defined by farting;
The stages of a relationship can best be measured by stages in farting.

Stage one: conspiracy of silence_ this is a fantasy period where both parties pretend that they are without any bodily waste. This illusion is shattered with the first shy question of,"oh did you fart?" Followed by the sheepish admission of truth. This heralds a stage of deeper intimacy.

Stage two: the fart honeymoon_ when both parties find their partners gas the cutest thing in the world. But of course no honeymoon can last forever, so we reach a critical stage of the fork in the fart

Stage three: the fork_ either the fart looses it essence to amuse or embarrass, signifying true love. Or else it begins to annoy and disgust, thereby signifying all that is blocked rancid in the formerly beloved.


  1. LOL...that was amazing. i don't fart around the person i'm dating. my ex of 6 years always left the room if he had to i guess i'll never reach stage 2.


  2. ROTF. Sadly, this does have some truth to it.

  3. Love and Fart, I agree with you. I think we're in between 2 and 3. Which movie made you think of this?

  4. This is good n so true! Especially the first stage which had me laughing. Soooo true. Why do we do that?!

  5. Lol! I'm glad you guys see both the humour and truth in it. The movie is Love&other disasters.

  6. I feel you almost made a confession in there. Spill it!

  7. lol. Insightful. I love this! Really!