Monday, November 2, 2009

Out of Boredom

I’m thanking God this morning, not just for the gift of life, but also for the gift of sight _yippee…..!!!!!

I was worried; my eyes would be closed shut by sunrise, with all this black glue feeling like grits on my iris_ I think it’s the same one they use for bonding.

My Sunday turned out to be a really boring one. I should have gone eating omo-tuo or something, and then dozed off the rest of the afternoon. The handout reading business was just not working, plus there was nothing interesting on TV to distract me, no new movies to engage my eyes_ I don’t know about you, but I can’t watch a movie twice, unless it was “really” good, or I had no other choice (under duress).

So what was the brilliant plan????.....


Pep (my roommate) and I, have always wondered how we’d look with extra inches of horse mane glued to our faces_ lol the thought should have been enough to stop us in our tracks, right? Wrong….

I won’t lie, I have small eyes_ my mum used to tease me about it all the time, she‘ll call out for me “come here, with those small eyes like shito”. What is this lady talking about; hers is just about the same size hehehe…

Small sized horse mane would have been most appropriate, but the lady had only medium and long. Ergo, medium it was.

Now she got me looking like a bat_ if this is medium, hell what does long look like? I’m sure I can sweep the floor with it; I just need to position myself correctly.

Pep is already pulling hers out, she started last night. Unfortunately, the right eye came off easily, but the left is proving stubborn. She now has what we call “Ghana is longer than Africa” plus she has an 8 o’clock lecture this morning, and it’s still not coming off.

“Moi”, I’m gonna let it take its natural course_ but seriously, it’s not that bad.

What did “you” do on Sunday?


  1. well for me....i cooked for the second time this semester....can u believe that?.....skkkkkk......well i did cook and it was my signature stew....kwa-beef stew. And i had the best comment ever....two girls actually liked said it smelled good....n the other cud just not stop eating it........skkkkkk....that is wat i did on sunday. But with ur eye lashes, i wud like to see them.....hehehehehe

  2. Nana Akwasi, what was the name of the stew again? skkk..... I must taste it first, only then will i pass judgement. As for the lash di3, i'll avoid u like a plague lol... I'll be waitin for my sunday invitation.

  3. I can imagine what your friend looks like. LOL, Some fake lashes look good but not too long I think.

    I had a quiet day, went for more driving practice...

  4. Myne, worse, the other eye is still not coming off. She'll go back for a refill. Good luck with the driving, soon you'll be an expert.

  5. So, you had great fun on Sunday, no?

  6. my roommates, I guess you were advised not to touch them with water...but how possible? lol..

  7. Vee, it's all off now, next time you hear of such brilliant ideas from us, do well to baracade the door :-)