Thursday, December 24, 2009


It’s scary when I think of you. Goodness time indeed flies. Yesterday is gone, today is on end and tomorrow is a couple of hours away.

Still I wonder if I’m ready to face you. This life is such a harsh and cruel reality.

January stares at me, and once again another increment in age, heavens I’m aging_ I’m becoming an old lady, yeah right as if I’m turning sixty or something. But seriously sooner than later, I’ll have to stand on my own two feet.

The excuse of being a student won’t hold much longer, life time decisions are already set in motion. Now I must prepare to face them squarely.

2009, you’ve come and gone so quickly, I still hold vivid recollections of you, the good, the bad,and the ugly.

Even as I make plans, I shudder to think, if undeniably it will all come through. The cloud of uncertainty cannot be held at bay. Nevertheless, i'm hopeful.

2010, you are inevitable; there’s no question about that_ damn! You are 7 days away.



  1. Merry Christmas to you too. You're right, as they say Time waits for no one...

  2. I know that feeling ... or not being to say, "I'm still a student..."


  3. Myne, you hit the nail on the head. Hello Vera, glad you share my sentiments, hope to see you around more, welcome to my blog.