Sunday, August 23, 2009

The horror

Today's service took longer than usual_ as if the normal one is any shorter. The Bible study group was celebrating their ten year anniversary,ergo a couple of extra activities.

Bella and I were late, the auditorium was packed,so the ushers had to split us up. Which was a good thing, cos we would have escaped right after the offertory, and skipped the thousand and coins announcements plus the awards presentation. But since she was about ten seats behind me, and her phone was on silent.

Grin and bear, we had to_ please ooh…. don’t get me wrong ooh... I love the lord dearly.

The theme for the service was “ the word of the lord brings salvation”. I enjoyed the sermon immensely.

Soon it was time for my favourite part, offertory_ signifies the end in sight( how wrong i was). Plus it provided the best opportunity to get updated on all the latest kaba styles, and sample which one, you would like a personal rendition.

“ Awurade” the the lady in front exclaimed_ perhaps she had forgotten where we were. But my eyes quickly scanned, narrowed and zoomed in on what or who had caused her sudden outburst.

Give and take the young man should be in his late teens, blue long-sleeves tacked in his” oto fista", with what looked like diamond studs, the size of a shirt buttom gleaming from each earlobe.

The sight and her reaction almost catapulted me out of my seat,truth be told he did look cute in it.
But for her reaction i understood why.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


So you treat me like one of your boys, snapping fingers and all

Shoulders touching and back patting. I’m babe can’t you see?

I long to hear you say a simple hello, but once again “charley u dey”

So i touched up, just before you came. “ You look different” was my compliment

Even when he said I was cute, you gave a quick rundown and said “ oh yeah”

Being you friend is too difficult, why can’t you look at me that way?

Here you are flirting and whispering into her ear, she laughing fluttering her lashes

I look on with my bleeding heart, wondering if the joke is on me

But she has not a clue, what makes you laugh

I do.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


For God's gift of life

For my wonderful family

For all the special people who make friendship worthwhile

For travelling mercies

For you, my mother, sister and friend.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


I caught a line in this movie, I can't seem to shake off. It keeps replaying in my mind, hours after the film has ended. It said “the only man worth flaunting, is the one who puts a ring on your finger“.

Obviously that means your husband, to whom you owe “wifey” duties.
Oh which by the way, I heard the break down in another movie (yes I love watching movies) to mean the following:
W for washing
I for ironing
F for f***ing (don’t act like you don’t know) and
E for extra, extra, etc. _WIFE

My fellow ladies we need to go find that genius and strangle him. What happened to bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh?
Back to the original line of thought……

Mister boyfriend demands that, not only do you love and respect him, make time and spend time with him. Listen to him go on and on about things which on a normal day, you really don’t give two hoots about.
Laugh at all his jokes, including the dry ones. Call and text him, and acknowledge him for the whole world to see, plus perform “wifey" duties which you have no business in doing so.
Forgetting that this man is not your husband, he can walk out any day, any time. any how.

Hmmmm….. so where am I going with this?
I have no idea.

Perhaps I also need to break down the meaning behind the word husband (h- hover, u- using hehehe………..)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Ever since she said yes
She knew it was inevitable
Each time he looked at her
Her lips burned with eagerness

Why did he not make his move
A peck on the forehead in morning
Then on the cheek to say goodnight
Go lower she silently pleaded, end this torture

Tonight was different
Close your eyes he said, I have a surprise
As her lids shut slowly
She caught a glimpse of his flamed pupil

Soft and moist, he cushioned his lips
And tingly thrills run down her spine
The slow evasion of his tongue
The reflexes of the tango it danced

Heavy eyed
As she drunk of him
She swore
Nothing else existed