Sunday, February 7, 2010


Can't say i didn't try. I walked up to him and apologized_ ok i didn't say "I'm sorry for so and so", but i still apologized.
He was being such an ass, i couldn't bring myself to say "i miss our friendship". So i sent a text.

The next time i saw him, he acted like a blind bat. My ego is now times 3, and believe you me, I'm keeping it that way.

Good riddance.


  1. Na wa o! na wetin d guy say be im problem na ehn? giving my Lucci un-necessary head aches ehn? Mchewww.

    Just let him calm down sha. Believe me he's loving the attention, so maybe u should swallow ur own pride and try to apologize again. Send mails, texts and the sorts. What this does is it'll make him addicted to ur attempts at getting back, then u step back and just dissappear. i.e cut all contact with him. I swear, Homie will look for u. A girl did this to me once mehn. When she stopped i felt like a junkie dying for a fix. Sad thing is, she was gone for good. Still miss her to this day. lol

  2. Ignore him. You put your pride aside to try and save the friendship because it had value to you. If he can't put his pride aside to meet you half way then it means he doesn't value the friendship as much as you do. Don't make someone a priority in your life when you're only an option in theirs. Delete his number and be a "blinder bat" the next time you run into each other. My 2 cents...

  3. You are the bigger one cos you tried. You can live with a clear conscience from here on. BUT, dont play his game. It takes too much energy.

    Sugarking's suggestion will work for sure but you gotta be in a game-playing mode for that so you dont get pissed-off.

  4. I'm with Anonymous on this one girl.. You tried your best and now its time to move on. After all, you are an independent diva in control:-). Don't let him gt to you kwraa....

  5. Yes girl, be a "blinder bat" if he wants to be a complete bozo, there's no need to play his games.

  6. I dislike games so yea, just do you my dear.