Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Who???..... Moi!!!!! Never......

How can i possibly be spending when I'm not earning. Hell I'm on a monthly budget, which i must say is not enough to cover my ass.

My father forgets that I'm babe, not dude. Chics naturally have a long list of "needs" and wants (hehehehe....) than the average male_ fine...... perhaps guy stuff cost more, but we still have more expenses. Don't even let me go there.

Me on a tight leash, me no get extra cash to spend, but me still getting me self, some killer looking shoes_ check out the left corner.( some babe eye dey inside, i for look sharp)

Does that make me spendthrift? OR just an impulse buyer?


  1. Neither. It just makes you sexier by the week or month.

  2. Those shoes sure look great on your feet, wow. But we don't want to be broke now do we? LOL. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  3. Makes you a frequent participant in retail therapy. Great kicks!

  4. Damn girl, grab it whiles u ve the chance, but be ready for the broki consequences lol.

  5. Went ahead and got them, now my tummy is growling sob sob sob.....