Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Water Spiders

Do crabs swim? You might think this is a really dumb question, but seriously if i knew the answer, i won't be asking.

Is it possibly to compare them to frogs?_ then again, do frogs swim? Cos i keep having this mental image of frogs swimming like human beings, and it sends me rolling in laughter. Really try picturing it.

Back to my question, do these water spiders swim? Somebody mentioned that they crawl at the bottom of the sea, does that mean, they wait to sink to the bottom, then crawl on the seabed? If so, how do they come out?

P.S he finally replied my text (what an ass)


  1. Lol there are some unnecessary things like that you just worry about like i always wondered which came first the toothpaste or the toothbrush and yeah please hope you not gonna put on the yeah-now-its-your-to-feel-how-it-is-to-be-ignored spirit with him o

  2. Nice questions..
    So he replied ur text...details pls

  3. i guess they do in their own way, maybe not exactly the way humans swim. who knows?

  4. wow! i love your randomness, and yeah i pictured it....and it's funny.