Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What are friends for?

To lay down their life for you? _ WRONG!!!!!...... that has already been done, by the” bestest” friend of all. I doubt if there exist a modern day replacement.

So what are the rest for? LOl

Seriously what are friends for?

Friends are there to accept you for who you are and love you nevertheless, to hold your hand, encourage you. Friends are people you can trust, people who trust you.

To go to parties with, “la borrow” from, gossip with, press your buttons and drive you half insane.

They are for life, choose wisely.

What are your friends for? _ armed robbery, I hope not hehehehehe………..


  1. Oh my sister, don't you remember now? Friends are for snatching boy friends.

  2. They are for life, choose wisely.


  3. Getting you into trouble and bailing you out. Heck! They caused it, in the first place lol.

  4. My friends are... Dayum! You are wearing those pumps!
    Almost made me forget what I was going to say.
    My friends are there for something different other than me myself & I. Personally, can't do without friends.

  5. lol...friends are there to bring me mcflurries when i'm too lazy to leave my house to buy one myself :) i love my friends, they're awesome and are there to love, cherish and understand.

  6. I usually know what my friends are for. I cannot say exactly. But I know the feeling. It is a good feeling. But it's not always there. Whenever it comes, I'm thankful I don't have too many friends. That would dilute the feeling. Ergo, my friends are very special. I really mean that.

  7. Friends are the world babes. My friends at least. Some bad bele ones dey sha, but that's a given in everyone's life