Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Behind bars

Yellow...... It’s me............ I’ve missed you guys a lot, hope you missed me too. Sorry I’ve been away for a while now; school gets in the way, mid semester exams, tutorial, group work, mood swings, laziness, you know, the whole baggage.

Four of my course mates and I have been working really hard on our project/thesis. We choose a topic on prisoners’ right to vote in Ghana. At first we considered conjugal rights_ inmates getting laid.

But after visiting the place a couple of times, I ask myself_ what the hell were we thinking? SEX in prison???

Where were they gonna do it, sleeping is even a problem.

Thank God we changed the topic, i read in the news paper today, the Supreme Court had passed a judgment allowing convicted and remand prisoners to vote, and that the Electoral commission should go to work on making this possible.

Do you think jailbirds should vote?


  1. If what is being voted on will affect their state in prison, then why not? If it won't affect their state, it doesn't make any difference--they are not living in the communities where voting causes life-changing events (my take). :)

  2. No, they shouldn't be allowed to vote. They broke the law, so they shouldn't have that privilege. I read that article too, and could barely believe that such highly esteemed judges came to such a ridiculous conclusion.

  3. I'm torn. On the one hand, I feel that jailbirds should accept their civil liberties being revoked because they were found guilty of a crime.

    Another part of me feels like they should get a vote because the purpose of prison is rehabilitation, not punishment.

    So I'll remain on the fence with this one :)

  4. I think they are entitled to vote. They may have broken the law bu tthe people who run the system still has an impact on them and their circumstances. Now if a politician is campaigning on the grounds of killing off all prisoners, don't you think they should speak up?

  5. Like Last Born Child, I am on the fence for the same reasons. I do strongly feel that voting is a privilege.

    Great question. Thanks for sharing