Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mr. P-O-P

Diana King said she doesn’t want anybody who is loving everybody; she wants a shy guy, the kinda guy who will only be hers.

Does that include the Mr. P-O-P’s_ the one whose lips has been sealed with plaster of Paris, and thus can’t make his feelings known.

Action they say speaks louder than words, but until shortie hears the thoughts which linger, she’ll claim ignorance. Unless, the feeling is mutual.

Poor dude, hitting on ‘roomie’, it’s so obvious; yet he says not a word. She's on her knees praying that he’ll never ask; too bad the answer will be NO! That may mark the end to her free lunch. sad; he’s a great guy, but I guess the notion about girls and bad boys still prevails_ sucks!


  1. Awwww, she should give the nice guy a chance eh? Who knows..

  2. Lol, poor guy. Yep, with many girls, nice guys finish last.

  3. Why not? He could be fine..ah opportunity comes but once..maybe twice.

  4. hahaha... i like nice guys.. i mean, if we have some things in common, is friendly n is not one of dem ones who wants to stay at home when i'm going for a party. but yo, Mr. P.O.Ps get very annoying, when you actually like them..cos u dun wanna always be d one bringing up the issues...n when u bring up d issue, he goes like 'i have been thinking about dat for awhile'..mchew, 'Your granny was thinking about dat for awhile!.' why , wen u talk will d devil kill you?!

  5. nice guys get bad girls... up their rep... they classed as bad guys...then they get a good girl...

    live to toast anutha day

  6. LOL... I have been guilty of this so many times... Abeg, no be me send you make you like me now... I know it's harsh but if the guy says nothing, you can't pre-empt him. You just continue to bide time until he comes out with it (hopefully never- then it just becomes awkward)... :)