Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spirit World

How come not only do you hear all the latest gossip in the saloons; you also get to hear the strangest things.

This 411 is especially for the women, I learnt that, it is wrong to carry your baby infront of you, so all those who are into face to face “carry-on bags” or straps for babies, Beware!!!

The proper way is the traditional manner; the baby goes to the back_ be careful to tie the cloth properly, you don’t want your baby on the floor. According to the grapevine, if you do otherwise, dwarfs can purchase you baby in the spirit world.

Yes sir! They buy your baby on the black market.
For whatever reason, I don’t know, there exist other “spirits” which protect the baby, as long as he or she is strapped to the mothers back_ oh yeah that includes the daddy’s too.

One may ask; what about just carrying the baby in your arms (after all, babe dey your front now)????........
I’m clueless.


  1. lol, what a wacky superstition. Lucci, you have to find an answer for the last question.

  2. Excuse me, dear Lucci, but that is a piece of bull crap.Geez, who are these, ever concocting fat tales of no values to themselves and society?
    Carry the child whichever way you choose. To hell with the so-called spirits.

  3. Eye asem oo..... Sometimes you hear stuff like this and all u can do is listen in awe....