Saturday, April 24, 2010

So What if i am a black woman.

To my sisters, this is a reminder of what makes us beautiful. To my brothers, this is a reminder that your love of us isn't futile; it's been earned... _ Author Unknown

What if I am a black woman?
Is it a disease?
Well, if it is, sure hope it's catching
because they need to pour it into a bottle,
label it, and sprinkle it
all over the people~ men and women who
ever loved or cried, worked or died
for any one of us.

So...what if I am a black woman?
Is it a crime? Arrest me! Because I’m strong, but I’m gentle.
I'm smart, but I’m learning, I’m loving, but I’m hateful.
And I like to work because i like to eat and feed and clothe
and house me, mine, and yours and everybody’s,
like I’ve been doing for the past
300 years.

What if i am a black woman?
Is it insane? Commit me!
Because i want the happiness,
not tears; truths, not
lies; pleasure not pain;
sunshine, not rain;
a man, not a child!

What if i am a black woman?
Is it a sin? Pray for me! And pray for you too, if you don't like women of colour because we are... Midnight black, chestnut brown, honey bronzed, chocolate covered, cocoa dipped, big lipped, big hipped, big breasted, and beautiful all at the same time!

So...what if i am a black woman?
Does it bother you that much because
I want a man who wants me...loves me and trusts me, and respects me
and gives me everything because i
give him everything back, plus!

What if i am a black woman?
I've got rights, same as you!
I have worked for them, died for them, lied for them, played and laid
for them, on every plantation from Alabama to Boston and back!

What if i am a black woman?
I love me, and i want you to love me too, but i am, as I’ve always
been, near you, close to you, beside you, strong, giving, loving,
For over 300 years,
your black woman... Love me!

(I really enjoyed the this hope you do to)


  1. After watching the clips posted on Abena's Real beauty, this is sure very relevant. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love the black woman! Sooooooooooooooooooooo much.

  3. We are very special species.