Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hairy me!

When prowling the streets of Accra in 'mini', the last of my worries are my ‘unskinned’ legs, as a matter of fact I love hairy me. The even spread of dark lustering mane gives me a kick. So I rarely give two hoots about anybody's reaction_ hell, I wish i had the same texture of locks, crowned on my small head ( you may think otherwise hehehe...)

However, wearing 'mini' in concrete jungle makes me feel like, fish out of water. Today the sun was up and high, and the weather called for bearing legs.

Amidst all the silky smooth poles which modeled skirts and shorts, I felt like King Kong.

Sitting in one of the carts, I could feel the ten or so pair of eyes boring holes through my cassava sticks, as my father usually refers to them, all thinking the same thing _what happened to shaving sticks?

It was the longest 30 minutes train ride of my life.

I have resolved to get shaving cream tommorow lol.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010


I wish,i wish a hundred things
To see the possibilities for our future

I dream, i dream a thousand dreams
To see your face in my mind

I want, i want a million kisses
To taste your sweetness, one more time

I hope, i'm hoping for a billion hugs
To feel the warmth and safety in your arms

I'm missing you a zillion times and over.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cougar alert

My friends and I wrote our very last paper which marked the end to our eighth semester in KNUST. ‘Uniee’ was finally over, at least “for now” and soon we’d be thrown into the deep blue sea to compete with the sharks.

Nevertheless,we are most excited to see the end of this road.

Alas i still have two more years of school ahead, come October i'll return to the school girl status_ sob sob sob. However the chilling has been set into full gear, vvroomm!!!!..............

Last night, the SHAWO boys; Students for Humane Awareness and Women Orientation, kicked us off with “the white & gold” party.

My girls and I were ‘chillaxing’, sipping, nodding and tapping to the Dj's groove. When this really cute guy walks up and introduces himself_ and I thinking “damn! I must be looking really good, to be spotted among all these beautiful babes lol

Dude is flirting mercilessly_ he's dishing out the latest lines i've never heard. I can’t say I wasn’t enjoying all the attention. So there i was; tearing through the English language like i just landed from God knows where heheheheheheh........

So what year are you in? _ I finally manage to ask

Dude shuddered_ oh! Emm ...... I'm going to my second year.

“Arrrhhhh... I’m flirting shamelessly with a first year boy”_ somebody should arrest me!