Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The pledge

I dey promise for my honour top
sey I go be faithful den loyal give GH ma mama land
I dey pladge sey I go give GH ma service
plus all my vim den ma heart

I dey promise sey I go give stiz waa give the heritage wey
wanna poppy dema poppy dems waya ron give we
plus them blood and kapa

wey I dey pledge my body for everything inside
sey I go dee gee give GH en name waa
so God I beg, make you sort me out.

GH! Stand up_ lol….


  1. Nice new look. As for your post, lol...

  2. The Pledge in pidgin. I like!
    I like the new look too!

  3. Whoa! How does one get out of this blog? There are no links to other blogs so I don't know how to get out. lol. I guess I have to just close your page, as opposed to moving on to someone else's blog as I usually do.

  4. hehe I'd love to repeat this on live TV, the joy :D

  5. Thanks ladies, glad you enjoyed it.
    @Ms. Cleland, thanks for the heads up,noted and corrected lol..

  6. hahahahahahahahahahaha........

  7. hahahahahahahaaaa.. i love this. crazy!!!

  8. hahahaa me likey! so God abeg, make you sort me out..