Wednesday, June 23, 2010


My crush from junior high, tattooed my name ( this was in college)_ can’t tell you where, but it’s so… not what you are thinking lol…

I was single then_ for almost a whole semester lol… (he was ecstatic)
It was kinda flattering and spooky all at once, still is :-)

And I wondered if that meant I had to date him, make it official_ gave it serious consideration though lol.
For a longtime, we'd crushed on each other, but it never got too serious. We remained friends so long, the cross over just felt awkward. He knew almost everything about me, and I, him_ plus we'd shared many little dirty secrets lol. He was like my bestfriend

In senior high, we kinda gave it a shot, but it couldn't even survive a term_ mostly my fault, I was crushing on some other guy lol...

Our friendship survived that phase, and the "tat". I guess ten years and counting can't just be flashed down the drain.

My name was the 4th tattoo he got during college, practically begged him not to do it_ rolled on the floor and everything. I was hoping to get back with ex bobo, so the last thing I needed, was my named inked into some dude’s flesh.
But he was convinced,it was his way of having me close_ i best stay clear of all future girlfriends.

Thinking about getting one though, initials of moi and bobo “ D & S”_ lol…
Then again, do I really want that, what if he dumps my ass in the future

After all, an impression of someone’s name on your body, doesn’t guarantee anything. How about the word “ cupid” in Chinese?


  1. hmmm... the ol' guy will remember u 4eva even if he don't want 2. maybe wait till u get married. but i'm against tattoos nyway

  2. hmmm...was fnkn of getn one,yh...