Friday, July 23, 2010


I can’t believe the month of July is about to end, and I have not a single post to account for. Jeez... my brain cells must be withering into oblivion_ the horror!!!...

I refuse to go down like that, ramblings will just have to do, lol...

I’m back home, today marks a week since I hit the shores of GH, so I guarantee you, teary eyed me, has left the building. Snuffling is so not on my agenda. Making out and chilling, ranks the number one and two spot on the listing_ wink!

I got home just in time to grace the wedding of two, of my most favourite people. It was a beautiful ceremony, great location, happy people; ex’s gnashing teeth and hawk-eyed singles looking to mingle.

Now I too wanna get hitched

Na true talk I dey talk hehehehe...women!


  1. lol....dont we all want to get hitched! My friends are getting married as well and I keep asking,'when's mine?lol...but it will come.

  2. Have an even more enjoyable weekend. Was it the same wedding AR talked about? LOL..

  3. Sisi, not to worry, soon we'll both be marching up :-) Myne you are too smart wink!

  4. Seems everyone wants to get hitched. Some of us want to meet the guy first oo. lol.

    Welcome back home girl. I do miss reading your thoughts but it does happen; sometimes you stare at the blank page and ask yourself, do I make enough sense to share my thoughts with others?

    Anyways, being random is good. By the way did you get to read my post on why you should wash new clothes before wearing?

  5. lol! I think we all secretly want to get hitced!... very few admit it! nice post.. particularly ramblings...