Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day Clubbing

Okay, I accept that there’s no specified location to look for love, it can happen anywhere, any place anytime, but seriously...?

Last week, my brother and I attended a funeral; one of his very best friends had lost the father; may his soul rest in peace and we were there to show our support and say goodbye. We returned from the cemetery to continue the interment on the deceased’s compound.

Truth of the matter is; funerals have evolved into what we call “gbonyo party”. Once the deceased has been lowered 6ft under, the sorrowful tunes, take a 180 turn, and the air fills with laughter, music, booze and club dancing.

So Roca, acquaints himself with Lady X_ I saw her being introduced to him with my own two eyes (as if it could be someone else hehheheehe...)

Three things happened:

They talked for a while_ getting the basics out the way

Engaged in some flirtatious antics_ you know, the kind where they hit each other playfully, the lady battering her lashes sweeping the air

Lip locked _ swapping spit and tongue wrestling, poor Mr Ice got caught in the middle, his work for the day changed from chilling the drinks, to chilling pink flesh. Yes indeed, it went that far.

Jeez! I must be at the wrong place; this is a funeral ground abi?
I thought kissing strangers only happened in the club.

* gbonyo_ dead body*


  1. lmao. well, that's the way it happens. at my grandpa's funeral in nigeria, two of my favorite uncles met their girlfriends there. one uncle even proposed to his girlfriend.

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  3. Lol YankeeNaija, you need not say more, funerals have evolved.

    Thanks Ivo, i'll definitely check it out, do come by again.

  4. hahahahahaaa... i can imagine the look on your face..... hmmm, funerals now a days , the least said about them, the better

  5. wow girl,u got some serious filla out....cant say u are totally wrong tho,big ups!

  6. eiiiii charle the girl fuss kraa....lol