Friday, August 13, 2010

Merry-go- round

You know how most Ghanaian and Nigerian movies portray the theme of love.

There always a scene with the lovebirds, chasing each the on the beach or garden.Where there's lack of grass, you find them circling a potted plant,laughing and giggling to God knows what.

My question then is, does anybody do that in real life, seriously?...

If so,i best find a water body, or the nearest bush.


  1. You need to find a willing male chaser to0, I presume ;-)

  2. Hmmm... Its that what you want lucci? But, I think in the real world couples do play love games from time to time. And these do not have to take place at the beach or around a potted plant.

  3. NY indeed you are right, there's no way i.ll go running around without a partner. I wouldn't want anyone thinking the screws in my head has gone loose. Let's hope Mr is willing. @ Enyonam i'd like to add to my list of games hahaha

  4. lol!...for the first time I'm gob smacked... really can't stop laughing!

  5. LOL. I think all Romcoms screw with women and make them think that such things can happen in real life. yeah right. Funny stuff.