Thursday, September 30, 2010


Like the heart, the liver is also a four chambered organ. In fact it is the largest organ found in the human body. And though it may not be held in high esteem as the heart, its function is most basic and necessary for life.

It produces substances that break down food and converts it into glycogen, amino acids,vitamins etc which are the building blocks for the body. Most importantly, it is the detoxification unit; it filters all harmful substances from the blood.

Unless completely destroyed, the most amazing thing about the liver, is its regenerative nature. Where 2/3 of a liver has been removed through trauma or surgery, it will grow back to the original size within four weeks.

I think the heart in some way, can be compared to the liver. Somehow it manages to filter the good from the bad. It’s able to detoxify the body system such that, it can forgive and let go of wrongs.

It’s regenerative nature surpassing understanding, because it can rise from ashes, to love again.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Excuse me...

During my fresher days in unie, cell phones were being snatched left, right and center. Rampant reports poured in daily and most victims were ladies. You’d be on the phone when it would be forcefully pulled out of your hand, or you’d be politely asked to hand it over at the opposite end of a knife.

It escalated during the power rationing period by ECG. There was timetable regulating the hours when the lights stayed on, and when it went off. Then, water level in the dam was pretty low.

Most halls on campus manned generators. It powered the bulbs on the corridors and the security lights outside, but the various rooms stayed dark.

The library remained the only building which provided constant supply of electricity, but even they turned off their power supply at midnight. The streets remained dark, but dimly lighted by the generated power streaming from the surroundings halls.

One night; I left the library about the hours of 11. Several meters ahead I could make out shadows of dark figures, but I walked alone. My phone buzzed and I answered the incoming call, from behind, a male voice said “excuse me miss, when you’re done talking on the phone...” I didn’t wait to hear the rest, the word ‘phone’ was enough to spark my engine, and I zoomed into the night screaming “ahhhh......” Marion Jones on steroids would have had nothing on me.

I was almost at the entrance to my hall, when that same voice ripped through the darkness “please wait, please wait”. This could certainly not be the voice of an attacker _ not that I know how one should sound like, but the tone... Perhaps I had dropped something and he wanted to give it back. Nevertheless I couldn’t risk it; I inched further into the lights oozing from the security bulbs and waited.

When he finally reached me and I could make out the face clearly, he explained how he wanted to chat me up, and not steal my phone, so to speak_” excuse me miss, when you’re done talking on the phone could I have a word with you”

We had a really good laugh and introduced ourselves. He walked me to my door, turned out he was course mates with my English major roomie.

But hey, you can never be too careful.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hush me up!

I’ve never been afraid to speak up. I open my big mouth and let out the good, the bad, the ugly and the trash loose.

Growing up my parents believed in hearing us out, so I never felt intimidated.

The rule was simple; if you crossed the line, definitely you were gonna receive some serious ass whooping.

Yes growing, I learnt speaking up meant, knowing when to shut my trap, when to open it and most importantly how to open it.

But today, I crossed the line big time, did it in grand style.
I need to be flogged. Obviously I haven’t learnt that well...

P.S I’m sorry boo.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Losing my marbles?

A terrible feeling lays in the pit of my belly.
It has clogged it's way up and tags at my heart. A fierce thrashing, chimes aloud and my once glazed eyes, are wide awake.
It's as though a revelation has descended. The end is near. I'm left with more questions and no answers. I'm i that paranoid, really?

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I want fairy tales, an enchanted place where fairy godmothers whisk up ball gowns and pumpkin carriages in split seconds, and the tooth fairy leaves a dollar beneath a child’s pillow.

I want forever afters, glass slippers and prince charming who goes through hell fire just to be with me. Why? _ I’m the fairest of them all.

I want gigantic castles, and the finest emperor clothing’s. Playgrounds made of ice cream, cake and candy, and buckets of gold at the end of rainbows.

Forget about the wicked witch, and the evil stepmothers. Boohoo to the big bad wolf.

Because in fairy tales, I’m guaranteed my happy ending, no matter what.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


A man got married to a virgin and explained 2 her sex was just like putting a prisoner in prison.
After round 1, the husband exhausted rolls over to catch his breathe and the lady tells him 'honey the prisoner has escaped'. So the man went for round 2 n 3 after which he was completely worn out and wobbly.
A few seconds she tells him again 'honey the prisoner has escaped again'

He angrily snaps at her 'hey woman, it’s not a life sentence ooo...'


Monday, September 6, 2010

Thou shall not touch...

You know the thing about looking for trouble... you always find it.
Snooping through contacts on your partner’s cell phone, reading text messages not meant for you and raising hell fire. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes you’re pushed to the wall and...

Girlfriend, is now screwed_ ‘borbor’ has wised up, not only does he delete his messages, he now saves contacts by initials and abbreviations; BMW, VW, SSB, WHO, ADB, NDK MVP_ damn! The brother is even into hair relaxers.

Now sister is really about to lose it.

Privacy, how far should it stretch in a relationship?