Friday, September 24, 2010

Excuse me...

During my fresher days in unie, cell phones were being snatched left, right and center. Rampant reports poured in daily and most victims were ladies. You’d be on the phone when it would be forcefully pulled out of your hand, or you’d be politely asked to hand it over at the opposite end of a knife.

It escalated during the power rationing period by ECG. There was timetable regulating the hours when the lights stayed on, and when it went off. Then, water level in the dam was pretty low.

Most halls on campus manned generators. It powered the bulbs on the corridors and the security lights outside, but the various rooms stayed dark.

The library remained the only building which provided constant supply of electricity, but even they turned off their power supply at midnight. The streets remained dark, but dimly lighted by the generated power streaming from the surroundings halls.

One night; I left the library about the hours of 11. Several meters ahead I could make out shadows of dark figures, but I walked alone. My phone buzzed and I answered the incoming call, from behind, a male voice said “excuse me miss, when you’re done talking on the phone...” I didn’t wait to hear the rest, the word ‘phone’ was enough to spark my engine, and I zoomed into the night screaming “ahhhh......” Marion Jones on steroids would have had nothing on me.

I was almost at the entrance to my hall, when that same voice ripped through the darkness “please wait, please wait”. This could certainly not be the voice of an attacker _ not that I know how one should sound like, but the tone... Perhaps I had dropped something and he wanted to give it back. Nevertheless I couldn’t risk it; I inched further into the lights oozing from the security bulbs and waited.

When he finally reached me and I could make out the face clearly, he explained how he wanted to chat me up, and not steal my phone, so to speak_” excuse me miss, when you’re done talking on the phone could I have a word with you”

We had a really good laugh and introduced ourselves. He walked me to my door, turned out he was course mates with my English major roomie.

But hey, you can never be too careful.


  1. Funny stuff. but seriously, i would've done the exact same thing.

  2. ... LOL... Quite a funny story... So what became of the relationship?

  3. wow! Homeboy put in serious work literally chasing you.

  4. lol I'm curious as to whether you are still in touch with him. After the work he had to put in just to talk to you, it had better have gone somewhere good rofl

  5. hmm... unfortunately i can't recall the last time i saw or spoke him, the friendship didn't even survive first year, first semester owww...

  6. Oh Boo! I was looking for a happy ending :(