Monday, September 6, 2010

Thou shall not touch...

You know the thing about looking for trouble... you always find it.
Snooping through contacts on your partner’s cell phone, reading text messages not meant for you and raising hell fire. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes you’re pushed to the wall and...

Girlfriend, is now screwed_ ‘borbor’ has wised up, not only does he delete his messages, he now saves contacts by initials and abbreviations; BMW, VW, SSB, WHO, ADB, NDK MVP_ damn! The brother is even into hair relaxers.

Now sister is really about to lose it.

Privacy, how far should it stretch in a relationship?


  1. Set boundaries right up and hold yourselves accountable. Communication is key, if the partner did something to warrant such snooping then sister should have called him out on it in the first place.
    Actions and reactions,baby. If she wants things to get right, she better talk and not retaliate.

  2. My privacy will always cover my phone & email account. 90% chance of finding things there you don't want to see so don't check.
    Getting caught snooping isn't sexy at all.


  3. "Now sister is really about to lose it."

    I read the above as "Now sister is extremely paranoid". Why is it people go looking for stuff when they know they may be able to handle what they find? My rule is if you can't handle it, then don't read/look/ask/search or snoop around for it.

    I agree with Mike, but I take it a step further. It's not sexy to snoop around. Period!

    Now on the issue of privacy, secrets other people tell me are private. I don't mind discussing who's been eyeing or texting me trying to get my attention. But when I do, make sure you don't flip out. And after I fully open up to you, I don't expect you to second-guess me by snooping around. The relationship won't last.

    Tetekai said it: communication is key. And it is a two-way street.

  4. I agree with all you guys, Tetekai, couldn't have put it better, communication is key, i was throwing tantrums a couple of days ago, boo didn't understand why i was so mad, and for some reason i expected him to know why, forgetting he's no mind reader, when i could simply have spelled it out.

  5. LOL. I don't mean to laugh, wait, yes I do. You look for trouble that isn't there, you'll find trouble that isn't there.

  6. ma mum always used tosay to ma sis.... men will always be men never go snooping or goin the extra mile to look for stuff u really dont wanna know... cause u'll always find somtin... as long as ur being treated rite dont go snooping,... if it comes to u and u find out fine... if it doesnt,... enjoy ur man

  7. Gal, ur boo and mine must have one but seriously, i stopped snooping when i realised i was only hurting myself. well, like i told u, men are extremists and if they think you deserve to know that they've done something really extreme, they'd tell you. till then, enjoy your man