Thursday, September 16, 2010


I want fairy tales, an enchanted place where fairy godmothers whisk up ball gowns and pumpkin carriages in split seconds, and the tooth fairy leaves a dollar beneath a child’s pillow.

I want forever afters, glass slippers and prince charming who goes through hell fire just to be with me. Why? _ I’m the fairest of them all.

I want gigantic castles, and the finest emperor clothing’s. Playgrounds made of ice cream, cake and candy, and buckets of gold at the end of rainbows.

Forget about the wicked witch, and the evil stepmothers. Boohoo to the big bad wolf.

Because in fairy tales, I’m guaranteed my happy ending, no matter what.


  1. "Because in fairy tales, I’m guaranteed my happy ending, no matter what. ". I love that too.

  2. @Lucci: great post! Or should I say great imagination?

    I don't mean to rain on this fairy tale parade, but this question has been knawing at me since yesterday. Perhaps someone can help with an answer:

    Is there a role in society for dreamers? What would that role be?

  3. Who doesn't want happy ever afters? Lovely poem!

  4. Thanks ladies and gentleman lol

    @Nanasei, i don't know the specific role identifiable to dreamers, but i believe they're found everywhere. People who have vision for a better tomorrow.
    The question then is, are they just dreaming, or trying to make the dream a reality.

  5. wish you all those too. So hard to stay optimistic and hopeful these days

  6. Great post Lucci. I'm too much of a cynic now to want fairytale ending. I'm always thinking about what will come after.