Saturday, October 30, 2010


You interlock your fingers with hers and smile secretly into her eyes_ a shadow crosses her face
You laugh at his joke and turn to see if she got the buzz line too_ she plasters a smile
You dip the fry into the ketchup and playfully invite her to take a bite_ she’s hesitant
You tuck the loose hair behind her ear and lean closer to whisper_ her body stiffens

Hmm... Are you as affectionate with her in private?
Or you’re simply putting on a show.

*PDA_ public display of affection*


  1. I do not like PDA. For one I just don't like making a scene. Whether intentional or not all that stuff has public reaction. not that I care or I'm ashamed I just don't want my relationship staged. Secondly, my hands sweat...and the whole notion of holding hands just isn't my thing. but I admitt sometimes subtle PDA is cute.

  2. THAT PDA! thought u were writing abt personal digital assistants. lol. most r shows or poses for facebook profile pix. The real ones are tender and not in-your-face indecent.

  3. I like PDA's. I agree with etoile Oye, ""the real ones are tender and not in-your-face indecent."

    Maybe she is just not into him or she is mad at him for something.

  4. i LOVE pda, but this poem reminds me of diary of a mad black woman, when her husband would dance with her in public and not touch her at home. great piece.

  5. Your poem reminded me of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt from the Hills. Their romance is so staged that it makes me wanna puke.

    I love PDAs but I'm kinda shy and wouldn't want to go to extremes like some people do. Great poem!

  6. Thanks for all your wonderful comments, i don't mind some PDA action myself, but it should continue in private as well, don't you think?

  7. I like PDA naturally, but my mood influences whether I'd do it or not. Btw, I know with many guys, the reverse is true - they want to get all tender in private but keep some 'personal space' between in public.

  8. I love and I do PDA but it has to be mutual and not over the top, don't wan to become the center piece..

  9. I like PDA's.. subtle..I dont think the whole affection thingy has to be private but one shldn't be the center of attentions