Friday, October 8, 2010

Top Five

I heard this today, just had to share
There are 5 types of women_ and I’m sure the same can go for men;

* Those you like_ and they don’t like you back
*Those who like you_ and you don’t like them
*Those you want_ and cannot have
*Those that want you_ and cannot have you
*And those you can never, ever get.

Hehehhehe...... i bet this list can go on and on...

But of cos, there's always the exception; mutual feelings :-)


  1. And the mutual feelings is best, :):)

  2. hehehe... how could the have missed mutual feelings???

  3. Those that dont just like the other

  4. And that's a beautiful thing about life. What we need to understand is everyone would be in be in any number of combinations of these positions from time to time.

  5. What about those who like you...and won't EVER leave you alone. Hehe...