Sunday, November 28, 2010

"too know" make monkey fall down

Monkey, we all know say you got skills
You fit swing like pendulum from one branch to the other
Somersaulting for mid air inside, with perfect landing
We know say you be fast; quick as lightening.

So this one you wun flex us, why now?
How you go fit grab the branch plus your pinkie
See how you don fall flat for your face
Ooo.... I shy give you sef.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


HELLLOOOOO... Blogsville, hope y’all have missed me as much as I have.

Thing is, my roommate and I have embarked on the project to hook up our girlfriend. Her specifications are very simple and direct_ she wants a separate legal entity with limited liability, no encumbrances whatsoever lol

Fortunately or unfortunately, candidate number one pops up onto the scene.

Problem is; dude’s liabilities are way... unlimited. When she points out this fact, he draws her attention to the theory:

“It’s better to be a 10% shareholder in an Elephant than a 100% shareholder in an ant”

What is that suppose to mean?