Monday, December 27, 2010

Childish me

I’m not flying my own kite or anything, but I‘ve always had a great relationship with my parents, maybe it stems from the fact that we are a small family, or that they have been very accommodating to my nonsense. I love those two to death and of course my brother the bully heheeheh...

I don’t remember the time era for which this happened; or my grievous crime_ no I haven’t conveniently forgotten lol; I really don’t recall the details.

Nevertheless, had I been a few more meters within my mother’s arms range; she would have beaten the crap out of me. So when the hand went swinging, quickly did I run for cover, leaving behind a trail of insults and hurtful words. The most painful being ‘stupid’_ maybe I was being childish, but it really stung my little heart.

I remember sitting on the bedroom floor crying my eyes out. I was so hurt that she would describe me in such a manner, regardless of what I may have done or didn’t do.

When I was certain she was calm_ I mean she can’t be threatening hell fire and brimstones the whole evening. I went and apologised, narrated my version of the incident for which I stood accused_ our laws says 'innocent until proven guilty' and I honestly believed I was innocent, but apparently even that is objective :-)

I told her how she’d hurt me by her words, and how sure I was that she did not want me growing up, thinking I was stupid, I apologised again and went away_ of cause I needed to make her feel guilty lol

That night on my bed, she told me how sorry she was to have used that word, and how she didn't mean it that way; mummy was just really angry with me_ so yes she called me a many other things in our subsequent fights, but I can’t recall her using that particular word, and if she did, I knew she didn’t mean it.

I miss her all the time, especially today.

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  1. I miss mine too :(

  2. People say many things in anger, things they otherwise would not have said, so it is best you never let it get to you.

  3. Go pay her a visit! I'm sure she'd be glad to see you.

  4. I will soon, so looking forward to that time :-)