Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Gbogbovor”_ evil spirit

Dozing off in church, is the worst thing ever.
Charley! the house of God paa ooo... come see how my head dey dance "shuperu" for ma neck top. Wey ma eyes dey droop, swirling for their sockets inside.
My body jerks violently and i catch myself, embarrassed as hell, wondering if i've been caught on camera, and cursing under my breath.

After watching one 9ja movie like that, where all those dozing away in church, had an evil spirit or demon of some sort next to them and fanning each to sleep. I was most horrified and swore never to allow the devil make me slumber in the Lord's temple lol

Relocation bi this?... Civil procedure class, as Justice Marfo-Sau, preached the gospel according to C.I 47. The witches in my village must have convened a meeting the night before, for they came prepared; mounted two huge fans, a ceiling and a standing fan.

And try as I did, to control the eyelids, I failed miserably, for the next thing i heard was “let’s take a 5 minutes breather, some of you are dozing”_ eeiiiii.... disgrace.


The blades must have been very powerful, for it caused Akua in front, and Anita beside to jerk back and forth :-) _ unless they were each visited heheheh.....


  1. hahahaha. lol. Shuperu paaa?
    Let's be realistic; sometimes the sermon gets so damn boring. You learn more in your sleep than what the preacher's going on about.

  2. Lol, Juanita you're so right sometimes you can't help but to doze off.