Friday, December 31, 2010

Hell of way to start

And I thought my year had ended badly, the thought of starting over and picking up the pieces and building what has been broken... My heart threatens to shutter

My brother woke me up with the worst news ever; his girl’s mother crossed over this morning. My heart bleeds for, he sits in a trance with a cloud over his head, oh God I wonder what ‘she’ must be going through.
I lost my heart, but she’s lost one who can never be replaced, how can my hurt possibly top that.

I sit here and reflect; there’s so much to be thankful for, and for a second it slipped my mind.

Family is the roots which hold us down, the very foundation that clusters our feet.

Father God, I ask that you come and take over, be that comforter that consoles her.

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  1. My regards to your brother. Like you said family is the roots we need. This is a reminder we all need as humans. Nice 1