Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Once bitten, twice shy

My friend W, has had his heart ripped out of his chest. It’s been many months now, and still the sadness lurks behind his eyes. There are moments when he is not himself and I can’t seem to recognise my friend.

He now looks at women with microscopic lenses, as he truly believes daughters of Eve can never be trusted. Treachery and deceit runs in their veins.

Still anytime I look at my friend, really look at him; I know his heart longs for a special friend, someone to right all the wrong, someone to talk to, share his innermost thoughts, someone to love, who loves him back.

He’s sworn that next time; he’ll tread more cautiously, never again will he throw in line hook and sinker. He'll be as wise as a serpent, hawk-eyed ready to flee before it hits the ceiling.

But it breaks my heart, how do you really love, when you are afraid to love?


  1. I think you will have t give him time... he will be back

  2. I hope so, cos i'm so loving love. Its one thing everybody needs, i jus hope he'll not miss out on it.

  3. that's funny i just wrote a post about this yesterday too. i am like your friend in many ways....you can't love when fear is present. you really can't.

  4. Hmmm... this is a very big issue, but seriously hope ur friend finds love someday

  5. eii charle dis one dire.....looool... i feel his pain love wit ur head.. leave a little room for doubt anytin can happen at anytime

  6. aww Sorry for your friend. I do not know why I am mystified by men who experience heartache and anguish; i generally consider them to be the heartbreaker not the heart broken. Please let him know pain does not last forever. And as i tell everyone LOVE MAY BE ELUSIVE, but it is extremely tangible. Wait for it! Please give him a *virtual Hug*