Monday, December 20, 2010


When I was younger, I was a snitch, a typical “telephone no wire”. As soon as my parents walked through the door, I’d rat out on my brother. Reporting every detail of his naughty activities during the day; those witnessed personally plus hearsay as the cherry on top.

Back then, he use to 'whoop' the black off me, i loathed him, he was so mean to me. Since he was much bigger and stronger than moi, i didn't have much of a choice but to tell on him.

I remember my father would ask him “ if you think it’s okay for you to beat her, what will you do if you saw some other man doing the same?
I guess that must have appealed to his conscience because seriously I don’t recall my last 'ass whooping' lol_or perhaps that’s because I've long resigned from snitching to aiding and abetting.

However, the last time we got into a brawl; I accused him of being a bully and we exchanged words. I was busy rattling away; not giving him any chance to get his argument in. Dude just stared at me and said in Ga “the reason why I use to beat you, was because you are much faster with you words, don't be deceived you’re too old to be beaten”.

The statement rings in my mind, and reflecting on it, I can't help but to appreciate where he’s coming from.
Unlike him, there are others who started using their words way before me, and sadly I’m no match.

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  1. Thank God you realised the importance of silence. I have a sister like that too but didn't know how to handle her, I just left her to her whim. Later, as she grew older, the habit died naturally.