Thursday, December 23, 2010

You think we are mad?...

I grabbed a cab this morning, from Legon to Adenta_ if you know Adenta, its legendry for its mad traffic. However I was in no particular hurry, so I let the driver decide which route he wanted to plough_ goddness me! I should have known better to insist we went through Botwe.

So here we are, someplace in Madina stuck in the kind of traffic, one could actually alight from the car set up a kitchen and prepare palm nut soup the old fashion way, and the cars would still have not moved an inch.

The wise-crack guerrilla drivers_ on their way to God knows where; swiftly move into the middle of the road to bypass us; the sitting ducks waiting our turn.

As though on cue; some guy jumped into the middle of the street and erected a blockade using car tires, where they materialised from I don’t know. In fact I still can’t figure out where 'he' came from, or who he was, driver, passenger, pedestrian I have not a clue. He quickly set it up and started shouting repetitively in Twi;

“You think those of us in the line are mad eh???...
you think those of us in the line are mad eh???...
Foolish people, if you like, come and pass"

(If you speak Twi, please repeat the words in Twi, its so hilarious_ oh! And he actually used the word line lol)


  1. Lovely piece Naa, I used to use that road almost daily, and the traffic is crazy.

    I miss Ghana

  2. Naa, it is in fact a big fat problem on that road. My parents live there and when I resigned and left Kumasi, I spent some time in Adenta trying to relocate. Those were the times I used to call you often.
    To me, I feel some road users think they are ''smarter'' than others thus acting in a very funny way if I do not want to use the befitting word ''stupid''
    If only we could all wait our turns, believe me traffic flow will be swift everywhere.
    I am delighted you observed these. At least it makes me know someone else shares my thought. Cheers!

  3. so glad you two appreciate the situation, my fingers are still crossed awaiting the end of the road expansion exercise. I pray it does not take another hundred years.

  4. This post has brought joy to my heart! So there are people with good manners on the roads! I wish I had met this man. We need more good citizens like this.