Friday, July 23, 2010


I can’t believe the month of July is about to end, and I have not a single post to account for. Jeez... my brain cells must be withering into oblivion_ the horror!!!...

I refuse to go down like that, ramblings will just have to do, lol...

I’m back home, today marks a week since I hit the shores of GH, so I guarantee you, teary eyed me, has left the building. Snuffling is so not on my agenda. Making out and chilling, ranks the number one and two spot on the listing_ wink!

I got home just in time to grace the wedding of two, of my most favourite people. It was a beautiful ceremony, great location, happy people; ex’s gnashing teeth and hawk-eyed singles looking to mingle.

Now I too wanna get hitched

Na true talk I dey talk hehehehe...women!