Thursday, January 27, 2011


I came across an article about self worth, the essence of valuing yourself; you’re worth as much as you give yourself credit for. So if you make that price tag too low, don’t expect anyone else to see different.

I hereby declare; I shall not beat myself up over things that make me question me , nor dwell on the flaws I’m susceptible to. I’m only human and I can’t be perfect; I can only endeavour to be the best I can be.

So cheers to all the wonderful things about me, I may not hold a PhD; not yet anyway, but I’m smart and learning. I’m beautiful inside and out, I’m lovable and kind. Maybe a little freaky, but I’m down to earth and homey. I see the best in people; too trusting but hey that’s the only way I can sleep at night. I’m forgiving_ No! I’m no fool, maybe just a little naive :-)

I’m not afraid to laugh at myself blah, blah, blah.... _ the more I think about all the great things about moi the better I feel about myself :-)
So whenever you’re feeling down, and you question whether you’re good enough? Smart enough? Pretty enough? Just go to that quite place in your mind and think about all the wonderful things that make you, you.
You are worth it and you deserve the very best.

Oh! Did I mention I’m sexy... hehehehehehehehe...

(So if you’re fortunate to have me in your life, you should count yourself blessed. There's so many great things about me, whats there not love?)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Courting too long

Yesterday my civil procedure tutorial generated into family law, one single question and the tables had been turned.

Interrogatories had morphed into Divorce.

The lecturer’s assistant _ brilliant lawyer if I may say so, not only answered the question but fueled the change of topic some more :-)
He went on to tell us how he had recently refrained from doing divorce cases, because 98% of the time, it was guaranteed to turn nasty, and if you were married or in some relationship you would be tempted to start sniffing around for all manner of signs before the alarm bells go off, and before long you'll start being way to careful and paranoid.

He was of the opinion that; the main reason for the sky rocketing divorce rate was the long period of courtship_ huh?

His argument was simply this; courtship is a pretence period, where each partner puts up a show for the other, so despite dating for many years 4, 5, 6, 7, 10 12 ; 60% or more is pretense. That is how come within the first six months of marriage most couples realise they are strangers to each other.

So his policy is this; when you meet that person you truly believe you cannot live without, that one person who cannot live without you, marry quickly and start getting to know each other better, it is only by living with that significant other,that you can truly get to know him. or her and adapt quickly in learning to accommodate that person.

Otherwise you may be left with false expectations and you'll find yourself thinking aloud “but when we were dating this is not how he or she would normally have reacted to A, B or C

One side of my brain appreciates this view somewhat, the other half is like_ HUH!

Hmm... is there any weight to his argument?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


A good and loud fart is honourable
A medium fart is tolerable
Softer wind breaks are terrible
But the silent ones are unbearable

:-) how's the week going y'all?

Fartastic i hope lol

p.s_ for lack of a better word i borrowed the heading from a fellow blogger, props to you ;-)

Friday, January 7, 2011


The sign on the barbering shop read “anything is possible” it was only natural that it drew laughter, for I could not help but imagine the excuse a customer would receive in case his or her haircut ended badly.

Customer: what kind of haircut is this, why are you blind or something?

Barber: my brother did you not read the sign “anything is possible” before entering?

It brings back memories from my senior high school days, where I attained my certificate as a “Rosec barber”_ oh yes a certified approved barber of St Roses. Alas I was not the only one, we equally had wicked barbers who could match snip for snip, the anything is possible dude.

Gifty should have taken judicial notice of the wonders that could occur during a haircut session for she acquired the nickname “Nike” a miraculous impression carved into her hair lol

Hope the New Year's going great for you, mine is still very crappy :-(