Friday, January 7, 2011


The sign on the barbering shop read “anything is possible” it was only natural that it drew laughter, for I could not help but imagine the excuse a customer would receive in case his or her haircut ended badly.

Customer: what kind of haircut is this, why are you blind or something?

Barber: my brother did you not read the sign “anything is possible” before entering?

It brings back memories from my senior high school days, where I attained my certificate as a “Rosec barber”_ oh yes a certified approved barber of St Roses. Alas I was not the only one, we equally had wicked barbers who could match snip for snip, the anything is possible dude.

Gifty should have taken judicial notice of the wonders that could occur during a haircut session for she acquired the nickname “Nike” a miraculous impression carved into her hair lol

Hope the New Year's going great for you, mine is still very crappy :-(

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  1. Are you sure you were not a wicked barber yourself? LOL