Wednesday, February 16, 2011


“Locally Acquired Foreign Accent”

Do you have one? Or like me, it pops up in your phone voice :-)

Yes everybody has a phone voice,and depending on the caller, or place, mood, la-bra-la, la-bra-la it changes

Boo hates my LAFA, but seriously; I’m not conscious of when it kicks in. He says it’s no excuse, because if suddenly he started speaking Spanish, he’ll know lol...

Last night I was listening to the radio; the host calls some random number and plays a prank on the unsuspecting victim. The LAFA at the end of the line! _ Charley! No size

The phony American accent_ I’m sure the recipient was going for, no bi children. It was simply something else. My ears got bruised just from listening _ Ouch! Still hurts lol
We dey Ghana ooo... If ebi British accent sef, we go fit take am like that :-)

I sure hope my brief LAFA episodes sound nothing like the one surfing the radio waves.


*la-bra-la_ extra, etc*
*No size_ No competition*
*No bi children_ no child’s play*


  1. LOL...I never had it while in Nigeria. Now an accent is creeping in but I am fighting it.

  2. Thanks for the comment Myne :-) at least you have an excuse, you present location is taking its toll on your English. Whiles the rest of us, are importing it lol

  3. Mostly you find more women doing it, than me. Why is that?

  4. Lol ok ok, i do it sometimes :-)

  5. Lol. Good piece. Let's say the LAFA is really a misnomer. Nobody attempts to locally acquire an Ivorian or Arabic or Southern African or Australian or European (English) accent. No! Therefore what they want is not the "foreign". It is AMERICAN, fueled by hip-hop and pop culture. It is LAAA (Locally Acquired American Accent). Btw, if people wanted to locally acquire an English accent, (LAEA) it would be a bit more tolerable if for nothing, for historical reasons. But I guess it is more difficult to acquire the English accent than the American.

  6. Lol NY, i must say you are right; depending on the foreign accent being acquired LAFA should change.

    I stand corrected :-)
    "the LAAA at the end of the line_ No size" lol

  7. LAFA?lol. Its slowly creeping up on me! Ive spent more than a year in the UK and im beginning to spot my LAFA! lol.My boo has an American LAFA, his is justified tho. However its always funny when both our LAFA's crop up in public!lol. I don't think I want to fight it tho... I earned it with the tuition I paid! lmao

  8. 1st of all thanks for following my blog :) and hey with the LAFA thing sometimes it gets too crazy especially when its christmas coz everybody is dropping n U don`t know who is Who..
    @NANA YAW U can aquire LAFA here in Afrina..before we moved to Ghana i was raised my some Irishs somewhere in Africa N when i get down with Accent...U Go BOW lol..mine is ORIGINAL!!...NIce Piece Lucci.

  9. Yeah aku i remember your Lafa normally came in when spero was around. LOL. Usually when you started to speak wit him i though i was watching an american movie in 3D.