Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Versatile & Stylish

Who me???.... Oww... thank you, I’m blushing.
Enyonam and Prettykay, i feel so honoured. I equally enjoy your beautiful writing skills, keep up the good work _ cheers to us!

Okay, here goes seven things about moi_ that’s if you haven't figured it out yet lol

1. I laugh when I’m in trouble, i still don't understand why i do that
2. My feelings bruise easily_ so I’m somewhat of a cry baby
3. I have a thing for French guys, maybe it’s dzz... accent
4. On a very bad day, I’m a typical Ga girl_ rude and aggressive
5. I'm a romantic. Yes, love makes the world go round
6. I'm in to cars, i guess the thought of operating such powerful machinery, turns me on :-)
7. I wish i had soft curly hair, i would have gone natural.

15 v & s bloggers_ oops they've all been awarded already :-( No! It's not because i'm feeling lazy ooo... lol



  1. Ok, i'm like number 4 too. i think it's a thing with we Ga girls and oh i won't shut up if i feel offended and my big mouth often gets me into trouble

    lol at 7. how many times should i tell you that you don't need soft hair to go natural. once you go natural, proper maintenance will make your hair soft.

    number 5 makes you my twin. i'm a sucker for romance.lol

  2. Oww... Prettykay, i see we have some things in common :-).

    The next time i chop off my hair, i won't be afraid to go natural lol...

    Thanks again.

  3. lol you laugh when you are in trouble. Now that is something i have never heard before. Its good to laugh at yourself sometimes, relieves the tension.

  4. I luckily quickly stop laughing when I'm in trouble. But I laugh a lot!